Black Bisector

I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic in August 2011 as a beta tester. At the time, the game was quite buggy. It’s not nearly as buggy anymore. I really enjoyed playing the game. I made time to play a lot of the different classes. I tried being light side republic, dark side imperial, dark side republic, and light side imperial. The game’s lack of balance for gray characters has kept me from becoming a neutral.


Being a longtime D&D player, I care a lot more about character motives than just light/dark. My current character is a Jedi Knight named Zimeesa. He’s fallen far to the dark side, but not out of “pure” evil. Most decisions he makes are based on a zero-tolerance policy in saving and promoting the republic. He never questions his decisions, and any willing actions taken against the republic are always responded to with a self-judged execution. I mentioned willingness in the actions taken against the republic. Without mentioning the storyline, I will say that he didn’t always feel that way. His opinions changed. He used to not care whether the action was willing or not.


My friends and I started a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the Tarentatek server. We named that guild after our favorite character title, “,Black Bisector”. I would often run around as “Zimeesa, Black Bisector”. In fact, I have been doing this with every republic character I play since I started playing in the beta. The title is just awesome. If you don’t know what that means, I recommend that you blueshift your yellow tangent and assist the Gree on Coruscant.

I am a Black Bisector. We are recruiting if you want to join the Black Bisectors!

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