Bicycle Commuting

When the weather is not as hot as it has been (90+ and humid), I will often ride my bike to the office. I live a little under 5 miles from my office, so I can do the ride in the morning without arriving drenched in sweat. This is important for someone who works in an office in close proximity to other people. The heat, however, would cause me to arrive drenched in sweat, so I’ve not been riding to work for weeks.

I find that a bike ride to work is great way of removing stress. Sometimes I am stressed about things that will be happening at work, and a ride to the office clears my mind of these concerns. It’s also great for the ride home. You very quickly get your mind off of work and onto what you’re doing. Much more so than driving does.

I am not athletic by any stretch. In fact, my BMI is about 29, so I am just barely under obesity. I say this as encouragement for others. I am overweight and can ride my bike to work nearly 5 miles and it’s not very difficult. You can do the same thing.

In fact, I am writing this post to encourage more people to try biking to work. It’s great exercise and doesn’t take a lot of time out of my day. My commute takes about 10 minutes by car and about 20 minutes by bike. Thanks to traffic lights, I average 30 miles an hour going to and from work. I average 15 miles an hour on my biking commute on the exact same streets.

Please take safety precautions and learn about biking on streets before you try this. I am obviously not a medical professional either, so make sure you check with a medical professional before trying this.